2012 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The walls and floors are something that can determine the design of your bathroom. However, the tiles are also important, so you should add color and texture to the surface and create the overall look of the bathroom. Now there is a wide variety of materials, sizes and finishes and thus you can create a perfect style of bathroom.
Do you need some bathroom tile design ideas? Then, look no further, but follow our tips.

The tiles or ceramic tiles are the most common choice for the walls of your bathroom. Large ceramic tiles give a contemporary look of your bathroom, while the smaller tiles or mosaics create more rustic and traditional bathroom design.

The ceramic tiles for your floors are great choice if you wish to combine design and functionality. It’s important that the tile needs to be water resistant and have a non-slip finish for additional safety.

Tiles are produced in a wide variety of colours, finishes, designs. Therefore, options and choices are endless. You can combine different designs to enhance your bathroom area or simply introduce an element of extra decoration.
If you look for a modern and aesthetic look of your bathroom, you should choose solid texture of your tiles.

Natural stone tiles are a perfect complement to the spaces of both modern and traditional style of your bathroom. Natural stone tiles are available with different finishes: polished or glossy. It is important to take into account that the tiles can be really heavy, so if you plan to put them on your wall, please, refer to a professional interior designer.

Glass, ceramic or natural stone tiles are included in the contemporary bathroom design trends. Mosaic tiles can give a very attractive look of your bathroom.

You can also think of a vinyl tiles that look like glass, stone or metal materials. Vinyl tiles can visually look like tiles with wooden finishes, however, they are a convenient alternative to real wood due to the resistance of the material. Another great advantage of such tiles for your bathroom is their comfort and resistance to moisture.

The pattern of your tiles is also important. The mosaic pattern depends on what you consider perfect for your bathroom design idea. Do not resort to something that other people use. Remember your bathroom needs to be unique and certainly it should not look like those bathrooms that you have seen in the magazines or those that belong to your friends. Therefore, you should consider all aspects of your bathroom before you choose the right tiles that complement all elements of your modern bathroom. If you feel that you cannot find something that suits your taste, do not hesitate to think about custom made tiles. In this way, you will be the one who will choose the patterns of your tiles and it will ideally suit your style.

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