A Real Outdoor Tropical Bathroom

Want to ascertain the ultimate tropical outside bathroom?

About a calendar month ago, Kim and I took our boys on holiday to Guatemala. We visited as drastically concerning the highlands and lowlands concerning the united states as useful in 8 days, electronic camera in tow the whole time. Most concerning the trip do not element home development blog-worthy posts (although you can research a whole team of posts much more than on Kim’s adoption blog, such as one in which we climbed an energetic volcano).

One of our stops concerning the trip was Valhalla Farm, a neat small all-natural macadamia nut plantation that not merely features some top-notch macadamia chocolates, but in add-on will help millions of indigenous individuals globally through donations of macadamia nut trees. Valhalla promotes reforestation within numerous spots concerning the world, instruction indigenous individuals to farm producing utilization of sustainable methods.

Besides their philanthropic focus, Valhalla has some awesome buildings, such since the relatively most effective tropical bathing room we’ve actually seen. If you are wanting to discover some inspiration on producing your individual tropical bathroom, look at this the excellent source…

tropical bathroom sink and toilet

Of course, most of you probably don’t live in a climate that would support this type of outdoor bathroom, but we are still inspired by how the space integrates a modern toilet, sink, and mirror in a way that doesn’t look like its “trying too hard”.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get a shot of the outside of the bathroom, but it’s really nothing more than a small outhouse house made of wooden slats and a door. If you’re ever in the area of Antigua, Guatemala, be sure to visit Valhalla, if for nothing more than a pit stop

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