Air bath tubs

Generally,the bathtub we have seen may be the one fixed within the bathroom.There’s another types of bathtub which isn’t fixed and may be moved. It’s known as Air-jet tub,or air bath tubs, are an progressively popular option to water jet/Jacuzzi style tubs.

Even though free standing tub appears like¬† bathware a soaker model, its cast-acrylic double-wall design consists of a large number of smartly placed air jets. Make use of an electronic keyboard to regulate ventilation from gentle to energetic in order to pulsing massage. For additional indulging, an aromatherapy setting diffuses essential oils.Air jet tubs give a relaxing massage of 1000′s of bubbles of hot air launched from small air jet holes arranged across the tub’s bottom. Like the majority of water-jetted tubs, air jet tubs include electronic controls to supply different speeds and massage designs.

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