Amazing Nautilus Shell Home

Now that’s a post V-Day Miracle! One that can be spawned only by love. Love for art, love for architecture.

You know I can’t help it when finding something like that, even if it’s not signed by Karl The Lagerfeld or shown off by Kate La Moss, I absolutely have to share beauty with you!

Nautilus Shell House was build for a Mexico City couple by Senosiain Arquitectos. Leaving heavy architectural details aside (always loved architecture but only as an amateur so I won’t charge you with construction mumbling), the house is put together using a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire with a concrete spread over it, resulting an earthquake proof structure.
Nautilus House Interior

Just take at a look at that smooth interior, spiraled and invaded by nature.

Nautilus Home Interior

Looks to me like a dream house made by people who aren’t afraid to make every dream come true. And it’s the second example of what a great house love can build that I give you.

Nautilus Home Section

I have to wonder, anyway, if they have kids. And if so, how old are they? Because I know a couple of toddlers more than happy to decompose the place into little, tiny pieces.

Nautilus Home Bedroom

I guess it’s only up to me, writing the Mexico City Nautilus couple for a visit in their dream shell of a house.

Nautilus Home Bathroom
What about you? Would you live in such a home? Or you’re more conservative?


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