Bathing Baby in the Bathtub

Bath time can be some of the best moments of the day for your baby… and for you, too, if you’re prepared for safety and ready to make a splash.

Here’s how to make bath time safe and fun:

Non-slip pads on the bottom of the tub are absolutely essential. Shop around for some that match your décor and, if you’re concerned about removing them when baby’s eleven, look for ones that attach with suction cups instead of adhesives.

As baby gets bigger, his towels will need to get bigger, too. Look for larger-sized hooded towels or opt for a cozy terry bathrobe to keep baby warm after the bath.

Most important, make tub-time fun. Once you’ve got the safety and comfort issues resolved, bath time can be one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments you share with your baby. Stock up on big colorful tub toys and rotate them out to keep things interesting.

And always reserve the option of bathing with your baby in the tub. You won’t be able to do it forever!

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