Bathroom Sink Styles

Bathroom sink styles range in variety from simple drop in bathroom sinks to elegant vessel bathroom sinks. When planning a bathroom remodeling project it is important to specify your choice of bathroom sink along with the bathroom vanity, toilet and tub/shower unit. Make sure to visit your local plumbing supply store to check out the plethora of bathroom sink styles before deciding upon one.

Bathroom Sink Styles

Self rimming bathroom sink styles, a.k.a. drop in sinks, are the least expensive and most common type of bathroom sink on the market.

To install a self rimming bathroom sink, a hole needs to be cut in the bathroom countertop to allow the self rimming bathroom sink to be dropped into the countertop.

Under-mounted bathroom sinks and integral bathroom sink styles are mounted underneath the bathroom countertop so that the sink edges are hidden from view. With under-mounted bathroom sink styles, again a hole needs to be cut into the bathroom countertop to allow the bathroom sink to mate to the underside of the bathroom countertop.

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With integral bathroom sink styles, the sink is actually made out of the same material as the countertop and is fused to the base of the countertop. An integral bathroom sink style creates a seamless transition with the bathroom countertop.

Pedestal bathroom sink styles have become very popular due to their elegance and minimalist look. With pedestal bathroom sinks, a sink basin mounts on top of a pedestal base that hides the drain and supply lines. Typically pedestal bathroom sink styles are manufactured out of porcelain coated steel or vitreous china.

The only disadvantage of pedestal bathroom sink styles is that they do not provide undersink storage space and the location of the rough plumbing needs to be precise, so sufficient up front bathroom design planning is required.

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