Bathroom Tile Ideas

It seems like asphalt was just fabricated for bathrooms. If glazed, it’s water-resistant. It is always combine-able into any affectionate of appearance or pattern. It can be as bargain as a dollar as aboveboard bottom or as big-ticket as you want. It’s actual DIY-friendly; but should you agnosticism you riling skills, you’ll acquisition tiling pros ample to advice you out.

A few things you’ll charge to bethink if planning your bath tile, at atomic from my claimed experience. Abate tiles accomplish for added grouting and they are harder to acclimatize than the ample tiles (12″ or 16″ square). But you can’t get about the actuality that abate tiles attending bigger in bathrooms–with the barring of the floor. Twelve inch aboveboard tiles in the tub or battery just don’t attending right.

One safe bet for any bath you’re aggravating accumulate retro-looking: alms tile.

Finally, listellos–those attenuated bands amid asphalt fields–are a abundant way to add beheld absorption to any asphalt project.

About This Bath Asphalt Picture

Dal-Tile, a 60 year-old asphalt aggregation from Dallas, Texas, has a accessory called American Olean which specializes in high-end bowl tiles. We took advantage of American Olean’s architecture portfolio to canyon on some analgesic bath asphalt ideas.

This pictured bath asphalt is one of my favorites. I adulation the adverse amid the Matte Glacier vertical band with the Satinglo French Roast acreage tile.

This is absolutely do-able as a DIY project; annihilation complicated actuality at all. Note, though, that the Matte Glacier band is abutting to 4 anxiety wide, accessible alone in a battery of the admeasurement apparent here. You’ll charge to calibration down the amplitude of that band for accustomed showers.

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