Bathroom Wallpaper

How to include texture and pattern not getting developing a bathing room research as well busy.

Q. I will possibly be placing up dark and light toile wallpaper within our powder room. I am contemplating about placing up anaglyptic wallpaper for the ceiling and desire to uncover out two things: how can I look after the small exhaust buff situated for the ceiling, and what color have to I paint the cardstock for the ceiling? I am contemplating about possibly black, white, or gold. The fixtures inside the bathing room really are a brushed brass finish.

— Christine

A. to the reason how the toile is previously a busy pattern, consider leaving the anaglypta-papered ceiling white. The texture will possibly be enough for interest, and mixing textures and patterns is really reminiscent of the vintage look. Stick using a much more monochromatic color plan to unify the space and allow it to be research richer. A black-painted vanity and framed mirror can be really intelligent and stylish, and in keeping using the vintage feel, set up brushed brass sconces on possibly part for the mirror. for just about any twist on traditional, outfit the sconces with simple, rectangular frosted shades. An antique-looking buff and duct include plates could be found out at many house centres. Replace your present light exhaust buff include using a brushed brass or light include in the relatively pattern.

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