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Shower with Touch Screen

Controlled by computer, this SilverTAG shower can accurately change the water temperature and pressure according to your need. The touch screen panel is available for you to choose from several sequences designed by spa specialist for relaxation.

The signature aspect of TAG showers is that water is delivered by computer control to different areas of your body at different temperatures and pressures at the same time. This is then used to create distinct hydrotherapy sequences to invigorate, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress in virtually any custom creation. Read more »

Advises of Your Bathroom Design

The typical 537-foot bath “footprint” makes a generously sized powder room and a decent-size half bath. It can be sufficient for a kids’ bath if no more than two will be using it at once and if you’ve cleverly planned in separate storage for each child. It may even be enough for a master bath if what you most want is just the convenience of the plumbing in or near the master bedroom.

A 537-foot space won’t be enough, however, for a lavish master bath with extra fixtures (bidet, separate whirlpool tub, sauna, etc.), and it may also be a bit skimpy for a shared family bath by today’s standards.

You can make up the difference visually by keeping the design scheme calm, using mirrors liberally, and specifying cabinetry that makes the best use of space (consider lazy Susans; cubbyholes; and small drawers, such as lingerie or spice drawers). Read more »

Why choosing a rain shower head

Most of us have a run-of-the-mill shower head in the bathroom, one that faithfully sprays hot water at us every morning. That shower head does its job adequately day after day: It gets us wet, rinses soap and shampoo from our body and hair.

So, of course, most of us don’t give it much thought. But there’s another type of shower head that offers a different experience and it is relatively affordable to purchase and install. It’s one of those bathroom projects that doesn’t require someone who is a master plumber, someone who knows how to install a shower stall or some who can lay down tile and grout. But at the same time it can make a pretty big difference.

It’s called a rainshower head. This type of fixture has been around for a while and many manufacturers such as Moen offer shower heads with a rainshower feature, so you’ve probably heard of it. But relatively speaking, not that many homeowners have had one installed in their bathrooms. Read more »

Feel The Private Rain with Huge Shower Head

To get the feel of being drenched in rain you don’t have to wait for monsoon showers always, if the new shower head by Fornara Maulini is any indicator. Named as Ecco Sharade, this humongous shower heads promises to give you the feel of a rain right in your shower rooms. These shower heads are liberally sized quite similar to having a cloud right on the top of your head pouring down water for you. These come in various shapes and sizes like triangular, square, rectangular and round. Each of these shower head shapes come with different number of anti-scale nozzles like the rectangular one has 90 while its 164 in the round one. I get the feeling that this trend is going to stay for sometime, people do really feel exciting to actually can feel the rain drops falling on their head. So go ahead have a private rain drenching session!

The Various Types of Frameless Shower Doors

It is important to know your preferences first before you purchase a frameless shower door along with your other bathroom accessories. This is because shower glass doors are now available with different styles. Proper planning helps you choose the right type of these doors that will best suit the interior design of your bathroom. This will also allow you to customize your home as it should be. There are glass shower enclosures that can be structured according to the user’s inclination. Here are some of the most common shower door types available for purchase today.

Sliding Frameless Doors

A sliding glass door is one of the most well-liked and popular types of shower door. This is also very convenient to handle. Sliding doors are often built in two or more sections. They are also attractive to look at and are perfect for a modern-styled bathroom interior design. However, sliding enclosures require more effort for cleaning and maintenance because they are made with tracks and rollers. In time, the rollers wear out and you will have to replace them. Read more »

Types Of Shower Systems

Do you have a DIY home project ahead of you? Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? If a renovation is in your future, you may be wondering what types of shower systems are out there. From basic Kohler showers to steam showers, the options are seemingly endless. Choosing your shower is an important decision. The type of shower you decide to install will set the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Familiarize yourself with the different types of shower systems to choose the one that fits your home and lifestyle.

Popular Shower System Kinds

Shower Sprays

There are several types shower sprays that you can purchase to fit onto your shower head.

Depending on the type of shower head you get, you can set the shower head to use a fine spray or set it to a massaging spray. More advanced shower head attachments have additional options. Read more »

How to make the best Indiana Shower Renovation

An Indiana bathroom shower is the main focal point in any home bathrooms and as such you’ll always want to have it looking great. Our taste for things changes and we want something that looks a little bit better, sleeker, and more modern.
Plan Your Bathroom And Showers

Make sure that you plan out your bathroom remodel ideas carefully before hand so that you don’t have to run into a mess later on. Plenty of options exist out there for your Indiana shower remodeling project and so you have to make sure that both the large and small detail things are accounted for.

Some of these things that you’ll have to decide on are, shower tiles, shower knobs, curtains, and rods. When you’re ready to select out the things for your bathroom remodel, make sure that you have set aside some time dedicated to your decision making process. Read more »

Modern Tub Shower for Small Bathroom

This Tub Shower is perfect for modern bathroom, especially if you have small space but wanting to have a shower and a bathtub. The clear glass door offers an intriguing underwater glimpse when you are bathing.

Choosing appropriate shower

Bathroom showers come in many different, shapes, sizes, and styles. From traditional showers to the more extravagant luxury showers, there are many choices to consider.

Traditional bathroom showers include the most common showers available. Walk in showers are very common as well as practical. This type of shower is a stand alone unit that requires a small step up and a door to close. Another common traditional bathroom shower is the bathtub and shower combination. This type of shower is a good choice when you want a shower and a bathtub but there is limited space. Read more »

Bathroom Showers

You will find various kinds of bathroom showers available for sale. In the fundamental manual ones towards the hi-tech electric showers, there’s plenty to select from if this involves bathroom showers.

The various showers are:

Manual: This is actually the most fundamental kind of bathroom shower. They often possess a single lever to manage the temperature and also the flow water. A manual shower is easy to use and doesn’t cost much to set up.

Thermostatic: These showers give a constant as well as temperature of water. These showers also include an anti- scald feature to ensure that water supply is stop instantly if there’s an issue with the cold water supply.

Electric: These showers require a simple plumbing. They warmth water because it passes with the shower. This type of shower comes outfitted having a mixer to ensure that water that certain will get for that shower is easily warm. Read more »