ChangZhou Oupra International Trading Co., Ltd.

Welcome to Oupra, a professional supplier and service providers in China.
From established in 2007, we committed to recommending high quality of Chinese products to all the world.
China is a large Labour power country,who manufacture a lot of great products in very competitive price. These products should appear in the international market and sharing with the world people who love peace and friendly communication.
Oupra is not a simply manufactuer,We are proud of being a porter of good products.We hope to send these products to the one who starve for in time.
Oupra have strict requirements on product choice.We cooperate with only loyal processing plants partner for our production , The factory possesses the first-rate manufacturing and testing equipment, making sure zero-defect.all the product should in strict inspection monitoring every stage.We Belive Quality & Customers is always in the first place of any company.
Our products are now being sold in 98 countries,with major customers in German, Poland, Columbia, Italy, Australia,North America,Japan,England,Malaysia and South Africa.
With good reputation, high quality and sincere service, Oupra welcomes customers all around the globe.

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