Choosing a Right Shower Cabin

Large luxury marble shower cabin with bathtub

Marble is much more expensive for shower cabin, but worth its price: it is durable, practical and is exceptionally beautiful. Each marble bathroom is unique because each piece of marble is unique color, texture and decoration. Acrylic is good looking but not very durable and more weight needs a special frame on which to anchor, but easily maintained even be scratched.

Wooden sauna shower cabin

Wooden sauna shower cabin

Finally yet importantly, the surface roughness of the material you choose for the shower cabin floor must be such that it can prevent slipping.Functionality of the shower enclosure exceeds those of utilization of the soul. Modern cabins do not just replace the bathtub, and combine the functions of the sauna, massage and therapeutic procedures, as for example, jets of water flowing under high pressure provide massage.

Shower cabin with sauna and water massage

Ultra modern shower cabin with sauna and water massage

Slit through which leave these jets have different shapes and types of massage available in modern shower. Some models offer showers and massage of the feet. Bathing for short periods of cold and very hot water – also is an option for most showers. The chromo therapy is a special structure installed in the shower LED lights that change color over a period and light in different ways within the space.


Shower cabin with LED lights

Modern glass shower cabin with LED lights

Special steam generators, of water vapor at a temperature of 45-60 degrees filled shower provide a sauna. Almost every room has a shower fresheners steam substances. The control panel must accompany Audio features, built the cabin by which to adjust settings that do appear on screen.

Steam shower cabin with audio system

Steam shower cabin with audio system

The only work on the installation of a shower is connected to connecting Raceway. So do not wait too long, but contact with Italian furniture to make your best choice.

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