Filter Your Shower Water

Tomorrow morning, I will be uploading the fourth episode of The Underground Wellness TV Show to the YouTube channel.

My guest is Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and traditional naturopath David Getoff.

This particular episode is ALL about water. David and I cover chlorine, fluoride, and all of the other harmful toxins that may be lingering in your water supply and toxifying your body. And, of course, we also cover (at length, in fact) exactly how you can safely remove these toxins from your water.

In the video below I share with you a couple of my favorite safe water products. First, I cover my trusty shower filter.
Did you realize that getting a 15-minute shower in chlorinated consuming water is like consuming eight cups of it? Craziness!

Then, I get into my fabulous frosted glass consuming water bottle — as a end result of the simple fact I like my consuming water to turn out to be estrogen-free.

I guess we are able to call up tomorrow David Getoff Day.

Stop by right here from the morning for our tv set show. it is a certainly views blower.

By the way, Brett Klika is my next guest. He puts me through an even more just one of his pretty inventive workouts.

Then tune in to tomorrow night’s UW airwaves show. it is ask for David Getoff! You can call up in and ask for David something you choose about your wellbeing and wellness. The person is truly a genius!

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