Four seasons for Bathe

Appropriate to the turning of the 4 seasons, differing stop-offs are visited which gently activate the body and subsequently lead to pleasant relaxation.

You enter the Roman-Irish bath in the cold room (Frigidarium). In this pleasant thermal spring hall, you take off your clothes and shower.

  1. Your bath in spring starts at 50°C in the warm air room (Tepidarium). You body is gently warmed up and prepared for its next stop. 15 min.
  2. You now enjoy the summer with dry air at 70°C in the hot air room (Caldarium) which causes your body to sweat. 10 min.*
  3. Experience autumn with its clouds in the steam room (Sudatorium) at 50°C and its approx. 95% humidity level. The pleasantly scented air, which is enriched with essential oils, frees the nose and bronchial tubes and also opens the pores of the skin. 5 min.*
  4. Return to the cold room, where a good shower will do you good.
  5. Spoil yourself with a particularly special experience: A circulation-invigorating and relaxing soap scrub massage. And after your final hot shower a pleasant prickle remains under the skin and a silky smooth feeling on the skin. 10 min.*
  6. Under a night blue starry CASSIOPEIA heaven, now relax in the carbon dioxide enriched waters of a 36°C thermal spring bath. 10 min.*
  7. In the final season, the winter, you cool your body at 12°C in a cold bath, closing the pores of the skin. 1 min.*
  8. Wrapped in towels, it is now time for you to give your body the required rest and time for reflection in the attractive quiet room (Silentium). 30 min.*

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