How to clean your bathtub

What could be nastier than a dirty bathtub? A bathtub is one of those places we resort to wash ourselves of grime and dirt and so should always be kept clean. Most of us assume that cleaning a bathtub is a daunting task. However, the task is only tough until you start with it.

Here is a list of steps to assist you clean your bathtub easily and efficiently –

1) First of all, you need to get yourself a good pair of gloves as it is assured that you would not like your hands to be spoiled. It is a better to invest in a thick gloves rather than cheap and disposable gloves.

2) The second step would be to remove all debris such as hairs and other dirt particles from inside the bath tub. You also need to remove all the toiletries, bottles, toys and loofas. While removing the items, wipe them down as soap scum may also be accumulated on them.

3) Begin with cleaning your bath tub. The walls around and on the bathtub are to be cleaned first. Working from top to bottom is the ideal way. If the grout of the tiles is dirty and features mildew then you need to use a gout brush with tile cleaner. Follow the instructions on the bottle of the tile cleaner. Alternatively, mild dew can also be cleaned with salt and vinegar. Once the tiles are clean, rinse away the cleaner residue.

4) Apply a tub cleaner or an all purpose cleaners to the interiors of the bathtub. Allow the cleaner to sit in for few minutes so that it cuts through the dirt and grime.

6) In order to get rid of the soap scum, make use of an old toothbrush or a cleaning brush. Start off with scrubbing the corners where the walls meet the tub. Look for other places where soap scum has accumulated and scrub them off.

7) You may notice that a stained ring has been formed inside the tub. This ring can be tackled with separate care. Use a cleaner and scrub brush to deal with it. Alternatively, mix cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide and rub the mixture lightly on the stained ring.

8) Clean the taps and showers with cleaner and a soft rug.

9) Lastly, rinse the bathtub with water and wipe it down with a cleaning cloth.

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