Inflatable Shower

There are lots of methods to think about shorter showers — saving you money, water, etc. We’ve witnessed shower timers and spouts that turn completely different colours as time goes on — however the inflatable shower curtain could possibly be the earliest just one that severely forces one to acquire in and get out, lest you desire to suffocate or develop to be trapped.

The idea was designed by Elisabeth Buecher who answered the question: “How can your shower battle consuming water overconsumption in possibly a disturbing or perhaps a gorgeous way, producing utilization of revolutionary materials, printing methods and inflatable technology?” Her response: This shower curtain steadily inflates near for you while you shower. It leaves you only numerous mins to think about your shower earlier to trapping you.

She’s also obtained just one with inflatable spikes that steadily push you out much more than a period of your time of time. I really favor that just one to receiving trapped in plastic. confirm out her website for extra pics! (Warning: Some are NSFW!)

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