Lighting Bathroom Style

Whether you are redesigning, renovating or merely redecorating or updating the look of your bathroom, nowadays it is apparent that this has become a much easier and fun task. There is a wider variety of choices available; in style, size and color as well as texture.

There are newer designs and some of these are highly innovated that not only are these products a combination of form and function, some of them are eco-friendly too. Every year, new ideas are developed and new designs formulated. Whatever the vastness in the selection of styles for your bathroom, you must make a choice.

In this article are the most basic, essentially and popular bathroom ideas.

One of the most fundamental and widely-used designs is the Traditional bathroom design. These may also be called the “classics” because the theme of the materials, accessories and decorations used for this particular design is based mostly on classic, vintage styles.

Traditional or classic bathroom ideas are a combination of timeless classics and modern luxury in details. The style is also widely formal and classic in spacing, fixtures and architectural designs. Details are usually carved or embellished in stone or wood and shelves, bathroom vanities, cabinets, cupboards, etc. are typically also in wood and carved or embellished with decorative designs. Accessories and other decorative materials channel the vibe of vintage. Traditional bathrooms are clean and comfortably old-school in a sense, with their style harking back on bygone but still nevertheless beautiful eras.

For counter-tops, the use of natural stones is what is opted for when going for Traditional bathrooms. Usually marble or granite is used. Hammered copper, pewter or concrete may also suffice. The idea is to use natural stones to make the look more classic and also in order to channel that vibe of old-school romance.

For the furniture, traditional bathrooms with dark wood finishes are best in order to achieve that melancholic and romantic classic feel. This would be more beautiful if the wood were carved or embellished with classic designs. Designs and patterns such as flowers, columns, curves and other such figures would add to the effect.

Another of the most popularly used bathroom design ideas is the Modern Bathroom style. Modern bathrooms are sleek, smooth and very clean-looking with neat lines and polished materials. Some of these slick materials that are highly favored for use in the modern style of bathroom design are glass, chrome, steel, etc. This look is very edgy and efficient- simple and practical yet classy and elegant in its refinement.

For the architectural designs, the Modern style makes use of geometric shapes, clean and streamlined edges and furniture, with highly-reflective complimentary fixtures. Too much detail is avoided- the idea is for a clean, practical, straightforward and elegantly functional, sharp vibe.

The use of the color schemes of all-white, gray, dark blue or even glossy black is very popular in modern designs, and sometimes these are complemented with a few distinct materials that can give a “pop” of color like bright neons such as fuchsia, orange, yellow, cool aqua, or even other more reflective surfaces like chrome, glass or steel.

If you want to look for more bathroom design ideas, there are lots more places to look for these style resources. Aside from the basic themes mentioned, you can take inspiration for your bathroom designs by styling according to other themes such as movies, a certain color, vacation spot, etc. There are lots more tips on bathroom styles as well as on tiling, bathroom vanities, fixtures, lighting, and much more to help you with planning for your bathroom’s design.

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