Minipool overflowing bathtub

Designed to enhance and energize the room architecture where they are placed, Kos products gives a sense of well-being and clarity to everyday aspects of domestic living. Now, as the spaces are becoming more linked and the functions expanding, Zucchetti.Kos is all set to explore, discover and redesign the outdoor space. Blending inside with the outside, the Zucchetti.Kos Group has now unveiled a new outdoor wellness collection that offers all-round well-being without any limits. The highlight of this new outdoor collection is a Minipool, an overflowing bathtub for home spa which is described as the first overflowing rim Minipool, available in a free-standing and built-in version.

Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the round shaped Minipool has absolute geometrics that gives it an elegant sculptured look. Built with the methacrylate reinforced with fiberglass, Minipool’s hollowed base design makes it look more like a shape suspended in space. Further, the large band around the edge of the Minipool blends perfectly with the water surface, and the automatic return and constant filling of the water is guaranteed by an internal tank. Giving it an unusual ring like frame, the built-in version of the Minipool is slightly higher than the level of ground.

Originally designed for outdoors, Minipool takes the exceptional comfort and the award winning Kos quality outside. Fitted with a special circular seating bench for 5-6 people, Minipool is like a miniature, a new living area in the home, which can be used for playful sharing and relaxing.

Total well being of the senses is guaranteed by the hydro-massage Hydrocolor with underwater LED spots and with an exclusive water heating system. Hydro-massage system automatically adapts to suit the user’s need, and the user can regulate the massage intensity and the direction of the jets. According to the needs, user can adjust each of the nozzle individually to give all together different kinds of jet flow, ranging from soft or rapid, rotating, linear.

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