Mutli-function Bathtub–Save Bathroom Space

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Save bathroom space, storage in the mutli-function bathtub

Have you ever think your bathtub be a cupboard to store your toiletries? This idea is interesting and provides many benefits to save bathroom space. you can apply this idea in your bathtub, with little change and expenditures.

Soaking tub has a conical shape, under the bathtub surface are smaller than the upper surface of the tub. if we draw a straight line from the upper surface of a bathtub, we will get the remaining space at the bottom, this remaining space will be utilized as storage space. then how to put your goods? The next stage is to make a few changes in your bathtub, which making a wall that covers the side of the bathtub so that the square-shaped bathtub. on this cover you can design a rack for your storage space. provide hinges at the bottom, be a versatile bathtub that can be opened and closed.

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