Ningbo Great-Faucet Co.,Ltd.

We are a manufacturer ,who is professionally producing faucets(taps,mixers) and faucets accessories In China! Thanks to the high quality, reasonable price and constantly widening product range with a range of European designs and solutions, our production has deserved wide popularity in many countries in Europe, south Americal, Middle East, Asia, Oceania,ect.

We are willing to cooperate with all the businessmen in the world,and also we would like to cooperate with others similar manufactories(as their OEM). Our company is committed to manufacturing on demand project following specific customer requirements.

Great Faucet company is a reliable one because our diretor and engineer have collective plumbing field experience of many years. With so much industry knowledge to support management decisions, you can rest assured that we are able to offer service and value on all your product needs.We serve customers flexibly and with care.

We are glad to invite you to look through our web site, as well as to becoming our friends and reliable partners.

We do better than ours not because we need
to show something to the people.
We do better than ours because it is the only
way that we know to love our job.

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