Rain Shower

In refurbishing my bathroom, I have recently bought a Kohler Rain Shower. Kohler is one of the most renowned manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen appliances. Since I’ve installed this shower my regular bath tub almost never sees any water anymore. The tinkle that the flow of rain gives on your body just makes every start of the day a little more enjoyable.

The main advantage of a rain shower over a regular shower head is the area that the rain shower can cover. Rain shower heads always have a lot more adjustable nozzles making possible to have a real natural rainfall experience. These rain showers also offer great possibilities for people with sensitive skin as the water flows on you more naturally giving you a soothing experience.

This Shower by Kohler has four different heads/panels with a total of 54 nozzles. This not only gives you the perfect “rain” experience but it also helps in keeping you and your partner warm if you enjoy taking showers together. All the heads/panels are fully and easily adjustable so you won’t waste any water if you don’t wish to. Kohler is also positive about their build quality that they offer you free lifetime warranty with your Kohler Rain Shower.

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