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he Archimedes bath tub lift is Lightweight and classy! The Archimedes bathtub lifter is among the premium bath chair lifts available on the market, and offers great support and lots of legroom. The Archimedes bath lift may be the least heavy bathtub lift available on the market weighing only 11.5 pounds. The The Archimedes is definitely split up into three sections for storage and travel. As with all Mangar USA items, the Archimedes bath lift was created together with your safety in your mind. Probably the most important security features: the Archimedes bath lift saftey system won’t lower you in to the bath tub when the Airflo compressor battery charge is not high enough to lift you up again! The Archimedes bath lift offers maximum support and structure for individuals who require it most!

The Archimedes bath lift would be the most trendy bath lifts available on the market. This bath lift reduces the consumer to at least one.5″ in to the bath tub. The Archimedes differs compared to other bath lifts because it is less bulky giving the consumer more room to savor the actual feel of the bath. The types of this bath lift stops working into three parts making the most heavy part weigh 11.5 pounds, undoubtedly the least heavy bath lift in the marketplace, an overall total of 22 pounds. Despite the fact that this bath lift weighs in at just 11.5 pounds the Archimedes supports as much as 330 pounds. In addition, this bath lift will rise to 17.75″ and it has flaps that are led when you are decreased in to the bath tub. This specific bath tub lift doesn’t recline enabling the consumer more leg room. However, the backrest height for that Archimedes bath lift is 26.25″ giving the consumer support and luxury for that bath compared to a typical 18″.

The Archimedes bath lifts are installed with suction cups, like the majority of bathtub lifts making certain safety and sturdiness. Kind, the Archimedes lifter won’t lower in to the tub when the battery charge is not high enough. The Archimedes bath lift is battery powered and also the hands remote is waterproof.

This bath lift is fantastic for individuals who would like lots of leg room and simple maintenance.

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