Save Your Bathroom Space

Is your bathroom small? Are you trying to figure out how to accomplish magic with small space bathroom remodeling?

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish by using a few tips form the pros.

First off, you’re not alone. Many homes have small bathrooms and small space bathroom remodeling seems like a task that won’t yield the desired results. In order to get the greatest appeal and function from your small space bathroom remodeling, you first have to combine the total area of your space with a little creativity.

Take Inventory

Before you begin the remodeling project, you’ll save time and money by taking inventory of primary aspects of the project. What is the main thing you want to accomplish with the bathroom remodel? Provide more usable space? Or, perhaps your small bathroom needs a makeover and you want to optimize the space while you’re at it. Maybe you’re simply updating the bathroom for a more stylish, trendy appeal. Focus on the primary reason for the remodel and try to envision the completed project delivering all your goals. By getting a clear vision of what you want, and working backwards from that point, you’ll ensure that every aspect is considered.

Small Space Bathroom Remodeling

If you want more space consider the type: counter, storage, or floor. Next, evaluate the adjoining rooms or closets to see if by moving a wall a bit or eliminating a closet you can gain some space to help maximise your small space bathroom remodeling.

If that is not possible, consider reconfiguring the existent layout to accommodate more usable space. Moving the bathroom shower, sink, or commode, can improve floor space. While this will involve additional cost, the rewards can be a more functional and accommodating space. A declarer experienced in small space bathroom remodeling can offer valuable advice and services in this area.


Another source to check is the availability of items intentional for the compact bathroom. The addition of wall shelving, baskets, racks and other storage items can greatly improve storage space without taking up floor space. A separate lavatory can also free up floor space.

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