Shower timer

Some people take very long showers, wasting both water and energy, but by using a shower timer and changing your routine, you can dramatically reduce the amount of water you use without compromising personal hygiene.

If you shower at least 5 days per week, you should be able to maintain excellent hygiene with just a 5 minute shower. To many people this sounds very short, since the average shower length in America is closer to 10 minutes. By taking a 5 minute shower, you can use as little as 10 gallons of water, compared to about 70 gallons for taking a bath in a full tub!

Here are a few tips for taking shorter showers:

  • avoid activities other than washing skin and hair, ie. brushing teeth, shaving, etc.
  • use a wind up kitchen timer and set it to about 5 minutes
  • do some exercise before getting in the shower, so you are fully awake beforehand
  • share a shower with your partner, since it will usually use less water than two separate showers
  • to use the least water possible, have a “navy style” shower, where you turn the water off while you lather up, and turn it on again to rinse off

With baptize absence occurring throughout the world, including abundant of the Southern U.S., it is actual important to conserve water. You can do your allotment by acid your battery time down to about 5 minutes. In the process, you’ll save money on baptize bills and baptize heating bills, additional accept some added time for accomplishing something else. Another advantage of demography beneath showers is that your derma won’t be as dry, back hot baptize dries out skin. To save even added energy, and abate derma dryness, try abbreviation the temperature of your battery water.

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