Stylish And Artistic Bathtub Design

Art can be innovated and can be applied to any object, including bathtubs. A very famous Italian innovater, Anika Elisabetta Luceri, created the bathtubs shown below. This artistic freestanding bathtub which not only looks very classic but also authentic at the same time surely has been a hit among the high class public. An ergonomic shape of this new bathtub collection could provide enough room for relaxing our body. The exterior design is handmade which make it looks very original and creative. There are several beautiful motifs which could go great with a classic or contemporary bathroom interior. The base is carved in elegant details which complete the look of the bathtub.

Artistic and Royal Bathtubs For Bathroom Furniture

Intricate Designs Bathtubs For Bathroom Furniture

Gorgeous Black Ivory Royal Bathtubs For Bathroom Furniture

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