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Bathroom Design Trends of 2012

The bathrooms are not playing an exceptionally practical role in our houses anymore. Now bathroom is one of the most important elements of the general style of the house. Functionality and attractiveness, comfort and modernity are the trends that will never be out of fashion.

The main bathroom design tendencies 2012 claim that there should be three main aspects: soft colors, natural materials and beautiful decorative accents.

One of the main trends of 2012 suggests using mostly natural materials, both for surface finishing, and the furniture. The sinks and bathtubs made of stone, tiled floor and mosaic walls will help to make a modern bathroom stylish and truly unique. Read more »

2012 Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trend

Homeowners are looking for peace and quiet, which they are finding in the bathroom.

This is now the place where people can go and relax in a hot bath reading a book or in a steam shower, especially if it has been recently remodeled and updated.

To achieve a sanctuary feeling, homeowners are spending money to refresh and update their bathrooms. An upgraded bathroom is always worth the investment, especially when it comes to selling the house, because an updated bathroom will add both monetary and visual value to the home. When updating the bathroom, homeowners must make sure the house still meets all of the standars home inspectors in Louisville KY require.

Homeowners want to remodel their bathrooms according to the latest and greatest trend style. Though a look may be trendy, it must also meet local inspection requirements. Your local home inspectors in Louisville KY will be able to guide you to meet all of the bathroom remodel requirements. Read more »

2012 Top Eight Modern Bathroom Design Trends

Modern bathrooms are essential elements of comfortable and stylish home designs. Functional and attractive, surprising and exciting, 8 modern bathroom design trends help create beautiful interiors which are pleasant and inviting. Bathroom decorating plays an important role in designing healthy, efficient and eco friendly interiors which feel cozy and comfortable.

Soft bathroom colors, natural materials and impressive decorative accents are modern bathroom design trends 2012. Bright bathroom colors are great interior design ideas for kids and teens. Modern bathroom colors for adults include relaxing and calming pastel colors, that look great with wood, glass, stone, shiny metal and ceramic tiles.

Eco friendly and natural fabrics and bathroom design materials are popular trends. Wood, marble, ceramic tiles, bamboo, felt and cotton are perfect for modern bathroom decorating ideas. Wood and metal, used for decorating sinks and bathtub legs, faucets handles and cabinets door knobs, made of wood furniture and wooden accessories are elegant and modern design trends 2012 in bathroom decor. Read more »

2012 Top Seven Bathroom Design Trend

Spring is the season to take note of remodeling trends and this year we’re seeing an exciting mixture of luxury and functionality. The wide variety of options makes it possible to satisfy every need and budget.

1) Natural color still inspires.
The earth and sky will continue to inspire home décor and paint colors in 2012. In terms of a color palette, think muted blues, moody grays, and saturated neutrals and greens with brownish undertones. You can also go a little bold with 2012’s flashiest color trend—Tangerine Tango, a vivacious, sophisticated reddish orange with a lot of depth. Read more »

2012 hottest bathroom design trends

2012 has been an exciting year in terms of renovation trends, and it seems as though there has been a major shift towards environmentally-friendly appliances and fixtures all over the country.

Those that are getting ideas for their own bathroom renovations by concentrating on the hottest trends of the past year will see a lot of elegant fixtures, combined with more earthy colors, as well as a movement towards more functional and much more luxurious products.

Perhaps the biggest difference between 2012 and the fixtures that were sold in preceding years is the fact that this year saw a very high rise in features that focused on comfort. Towel warmers, digital shower heads and radiant floor heating were all the rage in bathrooms across the country. Read more »

2012 the most popular bathroom design and remodeling trends

What are the hot trends for bathrooms this year? And why should you care? If you’re planning a remodel, building a new home or creating a bath addition in 2012, you’ll want to take advantage of new features that enhance your enjoyment and functionality, while also potentially increasing your home’s value. I asked a number of manufacturing and retail pros what they’re making and stocking for bathrooms. These are the trends you’ll see at your local showrooms and home centers this year. Read more »