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Stylish freestanding acrylic bathtub

GEO 170X70 is a stylish freestanding bathtub designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in 2012. It’s a part of the Geo Collection and it has a minimalist and contemporary design. It features a compact outer shell and a delicate design with soft curves that form an overall geometrical but elegant and chic form. The lines are clean but rigorous.

GEO 170X70 is an acrylic bathtub that measures 1700x700xh600 mm. It can either be used as a freestanding tub or placed against the wall. It has versatile design and dimensions that allow it to be easily integrated in a variety of decors. It’s suitable for both small and spacious bathrooms. The design is simple and sophisticated at the same time and it’s mostly due to the geometrical appeal of the form. But this apparently pure and very simple bathtub actually offers more than it lets you see. Read more »

Acrylic Bathtub by Calyx

This new Illusion acrylic bathtub is a striking centerpiece for the bathroom indeed. Inspired by an egg – nature’s most perfect form – the smooth, gentle curves are as relaxing to look at as they are to touch. Sink into this stunning soaker tub and let all your cares wash down the drain. This Illusion bathtub is a sculptural freestanding design, set on an elegant wenge stand with four chrome-plated square feet that really put this bathtub on a pedestal – in every respect. Whether your tastes are modern, minimalist or maximalist, this bathtub will suit every style. This acrylic tub measures 185 by 85 by 58 cm, and makes a great addition to small and spacious bathrooms alike. You may like Acrylic Bathtub.

Seamless acrylic bathtub

A bath, bathtub (AmE), or tub (informal) is a large container for holding water in which a person may bathe (take a bath). Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, but alternatives are available in enamel over steel or cast iron, and occasionally waterproof finished wood. A bathtub is usually placed in a bathroom either as a stand-alone fixture or in conjunction with a shower.

Modern bathtubs have overflow and waste drains and may have taps mounted on them. They may be built-in or free standing or sometimes sunken. Until recently, most bathtubs were roughly rectangular in shape but with the advent of acrylic thermoformed baths, more shapes are becoming available. Bathtubs are commonly white in colour although many other colours can be found. The process for enamelling cast iron bathtubs was invented by the Scottish-born American David Dunbar Buick. Read more »