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Bathe In Slipper Bathtubs

Bathing is the one of the basics when it comes to personal hygiene. However, these days, it already becomes a pleasure and a way of relaxation and rejuvenation. To spice up our bathing session, many of us choose to have the most stylish bathtub we can ever imagine. We are presenting to you, one of the finest and wonderful works of The Bath Tub Works called the Slipper, a collection of single raised bathtub. All of them are hand finish and comes footed or sit directly on the floor with plinth. The designs they have are exceptional and one will surely complement with your bathroom. Read more »

Four seasons for Bathe

Appropriate to the turning of the 4 seasons, differing stop-offs are visited which gently activate the body and subsequently lead to pleasant relaxation.

You enter the Roman-Irish bath in the cold room (Frigidarium). In this pleasant thermal spring hall, you take off your clothes and shower. Read more »