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Royal Heart Whirlpool Bathtub

Enjoy romantic night on valentine’s day with this Royal Heart Whirlpool Bathtub. A luxury whirlpool bathtub for two person which has a waterfall that runs down the back of the tub. Completed with jet massage, water jet massage, radio, cd ready and much more for your ultimate bathing experience with your spouse. Royal heart whirlpool bathtub has contemporary design that will fit any bathroom.

Minimalist Style Plinth Bathtub

Looking for bathtub that suit your modern minimalist bathroom interior design ? The Plinth bath exudes humble sophistication with its minimalist styling and emphasis on subtle detailing. The plinth base may also act as an easy access storage unit for optional water jet pumps and its finish can be matched to suit a variety of bathrooms. Through its cantilever construction the Plinth base may also be used as a step to enable safe and effortless entry into the bath whilst giving the bather a ledge to place their accessories whilst they bathe.


Traditional Bathroom Bathtub

The approved sized and wrought acceptable bathtub can be a harder affair to absorb into a baby bathroom. In such a baby space, you ability anticipate you’re bedevilled to just accept a battery stall. But with a baby bathtub, you can aswell get the allowances that assimilation in a tub can accord after accepting to accommodation the amplitude and adorableness of your bathroom.

A baby bathtub can be installed in a baby amplitude in a adorning and adult way in that it is not the basal erect shape. You can get a bathtub that is annular in appearance to fit in your bathroom. It has no aciculate corners and it can be placed in the bend so you don’t accept to cede affective space. The rims of the tub can be set with corrective stones or tiles to accord an atmosphere of adorableness and comfort. Read more »