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Bathroom Battles

About a week ago Kevin went into the kitchen and declared we’d had a visitor in the night. A slug of some description had left silver trails all over the washed up bread board. We both had a search around the windows, wondering how (and why) it came in.

On Wednesday morning I was washing up when I went to rinse something off in the small, second sink between the dish drainer tray and large sink. There, happily making their way out of the plug hole, pushing the sink strainer out of the way, were two Limax Flavus. Yes, two slugs about 3cm in length each had entered our territory! I had stood on one a few weeks prior and it was so revolting that I was absolutely disgusted to find them in such close proximity to my clean dishes. So I promptly ran the hot water down the plug hole, followed by half a kg of salt also down for good measure.

When I got to work I did some investigation (eg. I googled drains and slugs) and discovered this article and this one. This is the bit that got me: Read more »