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The Red Diamond Bathtub

Bathroom faucets. Plumbing companies are becoming more aware of the inhabitants of disabled people and are manufacturing new and innovative products to fulfill their needs and make their lives extra comfortable. Handicap lavatory taps are an example of such a product.

Handicap fixtures, including taps, are rigorously designed. The purpose is to scale back discomfort and allow these with restricted mobility, together with disabled individuals and the elderly, to guide a standard, more comfy life.

Before making your current lavatory faucet handicap-accessible, determine the needs of the one that might be utilizing it. Seats of wheelchairs are usually 30-34 inches in peak, so you wish to adjust the height and position of the sinks and faucets so that the person can attain the faucets and soap with out a lot difficulty. You will need to discover a faucet that is easy to operate, maybe a push-button one or one with a battery-powered distant sensor. Read more »