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Bathroom Office

Nothing says ‘spotless clean office’ like ‘spotless clean bathrooms’; equally, nothing says your commercial cleaning company provides quality service like the pristine restrooms in your office building. More often than desired, clients go into an office bathroom only to be greeted by nasty smells or very strong scents that clearly state that no care is being put into cleanup it effectively.

There is a process for cleaning an office bathroom efficaciously and professionally. For example, the cleaning staff has to study the restroom to identify where the odors come from in order to get rid of them.

Odors can come from many sources, for example from dirt, bacteria, and drains, among others. To keep odors under control, cleaners have to thoroughly clean and disinfect every surface in the bathroom; mopping every day will get the surface dirt off, but the cleaner may have to use a more aggressive method Read more »

Bathroom Office

Unlikely.  The cubicle may have come into its own via Office Space and other iconic movies, but few use their bathroom as an office.  An accountant claimed he did but failed to get the coveted home office deduction in Bulas v. Commissioner.  Actually, the bathroom wasn’t really his office, but he claimed it too since it was adjacent to the bedroom he used as an office.  Bulas worked for the IRS for seven years and then for his own accounting firm for decades, preparing approximately 180 to 220 tax returns per year.

The question was whether it was an exclusively business bathroom.  Bulas claimed the bedroom—plus the adjacent hallway and bathroom—was exclusively business.  Unfortunately, the Tax Court found that his children and other non-business guests occasionally used the bathroom too.  It wasn’t exclusively business. Read more »