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Green-Good For Your Eyes

I’ve always been a fan of white bathrooms, simply because white says clean to me. Unfortunately, white only says clean when it is clean, and white bathrooms show every tiny speck of dirt mere minutes after being scrubbed down from top to bottom. As much as I love the look, circumstances — i.e., not being able to clean the bathroom three times a day — have forced me to choose other colors in my own domicile. Green is one of my top second choices because it brings to mind the sea and all things natural.
I adore the shading variations in these glossy and matte sea green Heath Ceramics tiles because they add depth to an otherwise small space.
This bathroom, with its frosted glass wall, is green in more ways than one. A huge shower doubles as a home for humidity-loving houseplants.
The a limestone-fronted soaking tub in this greenish-blue bathroom is spa-like enough to encourage even the most frenzied bather to relax.
A vintage tub paired with subway tiles in retro colors come together to create a bathroom that is as energizing as it is visually compelling.

Green Bathroom

Green cleaning products have many advantages in bathroom cleansing over regular detergents: Read more »

Hotel-style Wet Rooms

Bathrooms often go two ways: matching bright units, or hotel-style wet rooms. But there may possibly be considered a 3rd way – vintage. Quirky, and ecologically and economically sensible, the junk-shop glimpse features nicely from the bathroom: think distressed walls wooden floors and an eclectic assortment of freestanding furniture, add-ons and commercial lighting.

Look everywhere: secondhand shops, vintage and salvage specialists, significant path stores (for reproductions). And be creative. “Use coarse outdated linen as bath mats and wooden washing dollies as loo roll holders,” says Sally Bailey, from vintage store Baileys home And Garden. Read more »