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Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Installing ceramic tile in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a tough job. The materials you will need are a carpenter’s level, hammer, tile cutter, tile nipper, grooved trowel, rubber gloves, plastic tile spacers, chalk line, rubber squeegee, popsicle sticks, tile sponge, tile mastic, grout, tile sealant, and caulk.

1.) The first step is to choose the size, color and pattern of the ceramic tiles to achieve the look you want in your bathroom. There is a wide variety of selection for any taste or budget.

2.) Next the surface the tiles will be installed on should be prepped and cleaned. Walls should be smooth and free of wallpaper, plaster, and desquamation paint. It may be necessary to add primer to unfinished drywall. Floors should be bare down to bare underlay or concrete. Read more »