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Clean Your Bathtub

Who would want dirt, grime, stain rings, soap scum, discoloration coupled with hard water menace to steal away the sanitation of their bathtub? Well, here is a quick guide to have that dirty bathtub transformed to the perfect place to clean yourself!

Before you jump to cleanse all that dirt off the tub, you should know what your bathtub is made of. If it is porcelain, you should use a non-abrasive cleanser. If there is enamel, beware of anything with bleach.

  • Fiberglass bathtubs can be damaged by consumer level soap scum removers. And acrylic tubs should be dealt with soft cleaners.

Also, you should have a pair of gloves as armor before the battle begins. Apply the cleaner to the interiors of the bathtub. Allow the cleaner to sit in for few minutes so that it cuts through the dirt and grime. Also make sure you remove hair from the traps in the drains to prevent clogging. Read more »

How to clean your bathtub

What could be nastier than a dirty bathtub? A bathtub is one of those places we resort to wash ourselves of grime and dirt and so should always be kept clean. Most of us assume that cleaning a bathtub is a daunting task. However, the task is only tough until you start with it.

Here is a list of steps to assist you clean your bathtub easily and efficiently –

1) First of all, you need to get yourself a good pair of gloves as it is assured that you would not like your hands to be spoiled. It is a better to invest in a thick gloves rather than cheap and disposable gloves.

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Clean Bathroom Granite

Cleaning the bathroom is so necessary. You mightiness be too fond of using granite to beatify your bathroom but you mustiness at the same time know how to clean it. Though it brings in a gorgeous look to your bathroom, it’s non easy to wash. The following tips of effective cleaning of granite can help to a great extent.

Tips to Clean Bathroom Granite

To clean bathroom granite, at first make sure that you would take proper care of the countertops throughout the years. Apply some sealants on the countertops on a yearly basis so that the beauty of granite remains intact. You ar advised to consult the provider of the countertops while buying the right sealant. The provider of the granite countertops would know the best that what quality of sealant would be ideal for their product. Read more »