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Cold Shower

Zen practitioners in Japan are fond of practicing meditation under water falls. One of greatest MMA fighters Rickson Gracie did dipping under ice-cold stream before some of his important fights. Winter swimming is good for your health. All pointing to one direction: A feeling of intense cold can stimulate one’s chi flow. How should one approach this method?

The best way is through doing cold shower, preferably starting in Summer. The natural bodily response to coldness is shivering, a tightening of one’s muscles, so that heat will be generated and the body will be agitated to flight, i.e. move quickly away from the freezing environment. This natural response however cannot induce chi-generation.

To induce chi-generation under a cold shower, one MUST relax one’s body (or muscles) and focus one’s mind towards one’s internal sensitivity. If one is successful, chi will be generated throughout the body to create enough warmth to combat the cold environment. Read more »