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Contemporary Bahtroom

Using high quality materials, the kubik contemporary bathroom. Explore those gorgeous sink, curving faucet shows you that well-equipped bathroom can also stripped-down style. Perfect combination of the drawers and handles that do not disturb the contemporary units.

Our home is our universe and we should do everything to feel comfortable in it. All the house improvements should be done to ease our existence and delight us as utility, resistance and price. Good investments are travertine tiles for outdoor paving and Botticino marble tiles for rearranging the bathrooms. These construction materials ar durable and can be found on the market in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes.

What can be more elegant than a marble tiles paving? Marble is a unique construction material used since antiquity for its special appearance and resistance. Marble tiles are always trendy, the best material for creating either a classic atmosphere or a modern one, being used with success for indoors construction works in bathrooms, living rooms, entryways or fireplaces. Read more »