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Corner Showers

Corner showers can be a great space saving choice in littler bathrooms. The variety that is available can get as small as thirty inches. There ar some larger, fancy models that can be a fun addition in a bathroom suite with a separate tub. Which ever direction you ar going, a corner shower can be the best way to go.

A amount of weeks back, we faced a mold duty within our present guest bathroom. It essential every little thing be stripped out within of the space affordable for that studs. this could be when we found out how the tub/shower was truly made in to the room. When we went to replace the fixture, it absolutely was possibly minimize a hole inside the wall to take within a brand name new tub/shower or else go a as opposed to route. We chose to go finding a corner shower.

The corner shower was effortless to acquire in to the space – we just turned it sideways and carried it in to the room. We chose to just obtain the corner shower bottom and Read more »