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Feel The Private Rain with Huge Shower Head

To get the feel of being drenched in rain you don’t have to wait for monsoon showers always, if the new shower head by Fornara Maulini is any indicator. Named as Ecco Sharade, this humongous shower heads promises to give you the feel of a rain right in your shower rooms. These shower heads are liberally sized quite similar to having a cloud right on the top of your head pouring down water for you. These come in various shapes and sizes like triangular, square, rectangular and round. Each of these shower head shapes come with different number of anti-scale nozzles like the rectangular one has 90 while its 164 in the round one. I get the feeling that this trend is going to stay for sometime, people do really feel exciting to actually can feel the rain drops falling on their head. So go ahead have a private rain drenching session!

Huge Rain Shower Head

It is the enormous scale of the Ecco Charade rain shower head from Fornara Maulini that makes it so totally captivating. This rain shower is so generously sized, it is truly akin to having your own personal cloud for a super drenching downpour at the touch of a button! Available in a triangular, square, rectangular or round version, this big shower head offers from 90 anti-scale silicone nozzles (the triangular head), up to 164 (the round head). Of course, the size also varies accordingly, making the different shapes versatile options for those living in tight metropolitan apartments, or those with plenty of space in the countryside. Mounted on an arm that extends from the wall or a supportive structure (see the square version below) the water comes pouring down in a steady stream for the ultimate in relaxation. Ideal for showering by yourself, there is also plenty of room for a friend or two after a dip in the pool, for example. The Ecco Charade rain shower head from Fornara Maulini is for those who want to enjoy all of what life has to offer! Read more »