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Acrylic Bathtub by Calyx

This new Illusion acrylic bathtub is a striking centerpiece for the bathroom indeed. Inspired by an egg – nature’s most perfect form – the smooth, gentle curves are as relaxing to look at as they are to touch. Sink into this stunning soaker tub and let all your cares wash down the drain. This Illusion bathtub is a sculptural freestanding design, set on an elegant wenge stand with four chrome-plated square feet that really put this bathtub on a pedestal – in every respect. Whether your tastes are modern, minimalist or maximalist, this bathtub will suit every style. This acrylic tub measures 185 by 85 by 58 cm, and makes a great addition to small and spacious bathrooms alike. You may like Acrylic Bathtub.