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Kids Bathroom Design

Decorating a bathroom for a child can be overwhelming. Now days, there ar so many great kids bathroom accessories, it’s unmanageable to know how to choose or where to start. So if you’ve been stuck in a decorating rut, here’s three fun and unique bathroom decorating ideas to help you out. And the best part is, there easy on the budget too.

The Beach Bum Bath

Everyone loves to go on vacation, especially to the beach. But what if you could bring the beach home with you? Then everyday would feel like a vacation. Pick a vibrant color palette reminiscent of your time spent seaside. Now add a vinyl surf wall decal and some fun “this way to the beach” signs. Some well placed vacation photos will go a long way is setting the mood. Use varying size tin buckets to hold ocean creature molded soaps and hand towels. Start collecting old pairs of sunglasses by buying them astatine yard sales or thrift stores. Use them to make a lodger around your bathroom mirror. Plant a fun beach Read more »

Kinds Of Kids Bathroom

It was Susan from The Kitchen Designer who actually gave me this idea for a post. I hope this acts as a source of inspiration for those looking to decorate a kids’ bathroom.

The choice of colour for a kid’s bathroom could be tricky. Though many designers recommend to have a neutral base with white suite and tiles that one might be able to redecorate easily when children grow up, bathrooms with bright colours and themes are very much the kids’ favourites. I have put togethor a set of interesting images I found around the net. Take a look.
Not every kid’s bathroom has a TV! Read more »