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Is It Time to Kill Off the Flush Toilet ?

To purge or otherwise to purge. Which was the question that designers and ecologists were asking one another now as 100s of individuals who spend considerable time considering this stuff  organised for that annual World Toilet Summit and Expo in Macau.

The Planet Toilet Summit and Expo is much like the Star Trek Convention from the waste management and sanitation world. Toilets on show vary wildly from the card board box including a hole, plastic bag and pouch of waterless miracle virus-busting dust ($50), to some high-tech ‘uber-toilet,’ featuring an in-chair warmer/cooler, men and women water jets, an in-bowl light (why? why?) and usb port spot to help you connect your music player for the soothing tune of preference ($1,200).

But determining how you can wean the planet from the flush handle required center stage. Although the common flush toilet has continued to Read more »