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Modern Bathroom Design Idea

It is interesting to have modern bathroom with luxurious design and decoration concept. If you are designing a bathroom, you can use these bathroom design pictures as the bathroom interior design and decorating model references. The beautiful bathtub and the luxurious decoration are the important components that are very inspiring for bathroom interior design.

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Unique Bathtubs

These unique bathtubs by Japanese company Spiritual Mode enable you to create a bathroom design that stands out for all the right reasons. Get into the true spirit of style with the Utuwa bathtub. This unique bath tub boasts lots of room and even more in the way of style. Straying from the conventional tub, the sculptural shape and clean, contemporary lines make it a modern focal point in the bathroom. The tub’s cool kidney shape is complemented by a built-in seat, blending beauty and function. All that’s left to do at the end of the day is sink into this deep tub and soak away the cares of the day. For more unique bathroom ideas check out Spiritual Mode.

Futuristic Bathtub

If you are looking for a bathtub with a futuristic design, you may consider this awesome bathtub. Beignet bathtub offers a luxury of a bathtub with high-tech features. Made by Spiritual Mode, Beignet comes with maximum comfort for relaxing and rejuvenating after a hard day work. With its circular shape, it is very perfect for Sci-fi freak who likes to create unique decorating. Beignet is also equipped with water fills in the circular taps, water jets along the tubs along the tub’s base promise to massage and refresh your mind. To know the details of this futuristic bathtub design, you can visit Spiritual Mode.

Feeling presents a distinctive oval bathtub line

The Feel bathtub has a sharply defined oval line that set the tone for this simple piece with clear lines. In a variety of interpretations of size and shape this distinctive inner line always remains; it represents the essential minimalist character of the tub. The Feel bathtub above is set in a sharp white block. Its substantial appearance gets straight to the point. Likewise, the oval version with slim sides appears functional, but with a balanced design to please those with an eye for details. Lastly, the Feel bathtub can also be set into a surface. This use again emphasises the smart oval line within. From Teuco, the Feel bathtub is ideal for a contemporary interior.

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Iron Cradle Moonlight Bathtub

If you need focus point on your bathroom, you can use freestanding bathtub. The white, acrylic “Moonlight” bathtub is enhanced by its wrought iron cradle. The tub itself promises bathing comfort since it is longer and deeper than standard–perfect for soaking. There are also two tempered glass shelves built into the cradle, which can be used for storing bath products.

Modern Automatic Bathtub

After a tiresome day, a bath in a hot water tub doesn’t seem less than a life savior. And it becomes rejuvenating when it is followed by a great massage while sitting in a bath tub.

The feature-packed tub with 180 jets of water provides fully configured massage on 6 anatomical zones. The accessibility of zones is flexible enough to work separately or jointly. Its functions are managed by “Touch sensitive screen”. Amongst other conveniences include automatic dousing, filling and draining. The tub enjoys the edge in terms of its appearance with translucide shell and chromotherapy lighting.

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Modern Bathtub with Pull

Just like the name, it is an ideal bathtub for you who has limited space, no need another bathroom furniture because Ideal Bathtub already provide this, with pull-out drawer you can keep your bathing necessities there. The illuminated front panel is trying to break the boundaries of design.

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High technology modern bathtubs design

Home Automation will possibly be the trend, this futuristic bath tubs developed by Aleksander Mukomelov for fullness sensation as well as a brand name new level of comfort, pleasant and relaxation. Infinity swimming pool is developed by combining huge design using the technology to provide a complete sensory know-how to the person to produce. technology and products utilized within design of Infinity permitted to leave to the subsequent level as well as the subsequent point within evolution of leisure and satisfaction to be. Fullness is achieved by means of results on all organs from the individual senses by means of scents, music, touch and visual images. Infinity is developed ??from consuming water and allows when diving to relax. Infinity features a remote control that allows anybody to entry the method from the baths, which allows to relax choosing the proper mode by utilizing the mini-computer mounted concerning the side, which could effortlessly adjust the temperatures from the water, food, kinds of hydromassage jets, choose music, choose essential oil or perfume for aromatherapy. Remote interconnection to the internet and intelligent advantage system, you can choose the preferred mode preenable.