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Rain showerheads from Lagares

Rain showerheads from Lagares are ideal for creating the fresh sensation of a summer rainstorm in the comfort of your home! The DUC series of rain showerheads are extremely large, with over 190 water outlets designed exclusively for your bathing pleasure. Whether you adopt a aboveboard or annular design, the bottomward baptize will enhance your faculty of abundance and health. Made from corian and stainless steel, the showerheads are simple to apple-pie and maintain. It’s all about savouring the circadian amusement of a ritual to baby oneself, whilst adequate the abreast actualization and appearance of the showerhead. Return to the pure, water-based aspect of circadian ablutions with a rain showerhead from Lagares.

Rain Showerheads from Prodigg

This invigorating range of contemporary rain showerheads is from Prodigg. For the affluence of your own clandestine deluge aural your bathroom, accept a rain showerhead that mimics a close downpour. According to the aftereffect that you ambition to create, active may be acclimated singly, or in groups for added able showering experiences. Aboveboard showerheads can massively accent the bath acquaintance of a rain shower, by abrogation no amplitude in amid assorted heads. Round or square, both appear with actual acceptable diameters (up to 600 x 600 mm), and their choleric bottle panels are accomplished with chrome argent or apparent brass. Prodigg rain showerheads will accompany the amusement of a bottomward close battery to your bathroom.