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Choosing a Right Shower Cabin

Large luxury marble shower cabin with bathtub

Marble is much more expensive for shower cabin, but worth its price: it is durable, practical and is exceptionally beautiful. Each marble bathroom is unique because each piece of marble is unique color, texture and decoration. Acrylic is good looking but not very durable and more weight needs a special frame on which to anchor, but easily maintained even be scratched. Read more »

Kosmic Shower Cabin

I love baths, but I save them for the weekends when I have more time to stay and relax in the hot water for a long time. Just like me, most people have a short shower in the morning before going to work, so most homes now have a modern shower cabin instead of the bathtub. Shower cabins are perfect for those young busy men and women who are always on the run. But do not mistake a shower with a very simple thing. Today’s shower cabins are very modern and sophisticated and offer you a wide range of options like steam showers, waterfall , Turkish baths and even … chromatherapy.


This is the Kosmic shower cabin from the Italian company Kos. They made it for dynamic and demanding people, so it offers you anything a shower cabin could possibly do. The stylish outside of the cabin only gives you a hint of the surprises waiting for you on the inside. You can adjust the water flow depending on your wish and also the color of the light inside the cabin, simply pressing a digital command. Choose the color of your mood, then choose the water massage that will get into parts of your body you weren’t even aware of and then you will feel totally relaxed and fresh, … ready for a new day at work.

Glass Shower Cabin

The new Andros shower cabin range from Glass Idromassaggio will leave your bathroom with an impression of open space. Enclosed by 8mm thick toughened glass, each shower cabin is designed to be unobtrusive, blending into your bathroom decor rather than dominating it. The cabin glass stays sparkling clear due to the special Shining Glass® scale-preventative treatment it receives. A functional anodized aluminium structure grabs attention as the ultra-modern centralised control panel – and home to the many exciting shower functions. The Raindance shower head slides to reach where you need it most; the 8 side jets provide hydro-massage; a steam bath function comes as an optional extra. Enjoy the benefits to your overall well-being with the new Andros shower cabins from Glass Idromassaggio.

Bathroom Shower Cabin

Although finding bathing room just with shower and without any any enclosure is quite effortless but in circumstance you would like some thing even more for privacy and design then obtain the shower cabin for the bathing space. not merely this but you may set up technologically revolutionary cabins for even more enjoyment and enjoyment. contemplating product then cup may be probably the most common of all supplied that of its mystic effect. You can opt to the hazy cup that are not see through. Also you possess the option to pick the design using the front door that may nicely be sliding or swing open. include the sophistication for the present bathing room with shower cabin. Sleek and stunning styles will completely rejuvenate you.

Bathroom cabins truly possess the mesmerising really feel collectively with a slef contained modular product that may nicely be build by professionals. even although they are readily available in several shapes but round and rectangular kinds are probably the most common ones. Also there are painted shower cabins. Read more »

Modern Bathroom Cabin

Kos experienced been attempting to create a thing additional revolutionary in the bathing room inside design. utilizing a corner shower cabin developed ​​from aluminum so it appears additional modern and extremely attractive. Kos gave the name inside the shower cabin design using the name inside the avec of could provide a distinctive information inside the atmosphere of your bathroom. This shower cabin Shower space that fixture forward the idea of individual and modern. The avec may be also a space design modern bath so concerning provide a thing that modern touch as well in your bathing room decor. Read more »

Natural Bathroom Cabin

Have the natural shower come upon using the newest shower cabin. The Valencia Shower cabin is pattern to possess a natural come upon and get relaxed. It is founded through the premium exceptional bright acrylic and slider rail shower kit. It also has an extra mirror inside the cabin, a towel rail and 8 adjustable whole body jets. These bathing room cabins fits extremely nicely within your bathing room and give a luxurious start looking for the bathroom.
This bathing room shower are traditional for the bathroom, when you possess a space problem. It has countless striking features, which produces you outrageous by possessing a start looking on it. possessing this Valencia Shower cabin is like possessing a mini spa space within your bathroom. include a charm and glamour for the bathing room by buying this bathing room cabinet.

Bathtub Or Shower Cabin

I like them both, but you can find among the them depending in your taste, your character or even the sizing of your bathroom, as all these factors are vital at any time you need to pick no issue whether to possess a bathtub or perhaps a shower cabin at home.
First of all the sizing of your bathing room is certainly important. If your possess an enormous bathing room you can afford to uncover possibly a enormous bath tub or perhaps a shower cabin as well as equally if it is large enough, which could be probably the most convenient. You can use one at a time, depending in your mood as well as you may possess a fast shower even although your partner enjoys her time relaxing in the warm consuming water bath tub smelling like heaven.
On another hand, if your bathing room is certainly tiny you have no other option than to possess a shower cabin. it is current as well as you can find one with all the options and some designs even possess a miniature bath tub linked precisely where you can place the babies for example shortly after you have used them from their one of a kind little one tub. Read more »