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The Sigma Whirlpool Bathtub

This extravagant tub by Jacuzzi Morphosis is loades with features ‘rotating microjets providing you soothing back massages, classic jacuzzi whirlpool massage with electronic adjustments, stereo radio with sharp loudspeakers, remote control to adjusts the massage cycles, not to forget the stunning shape of the tub itself. Lights are perfectly placed in the tub with a programmable cycle to add to its mystic look. The stunning arch above the bathtub gives you a feeling of being treated royally. It also includes a sanitizing system function, as well as a Cromodream one, the induction charged remote control allowing you to choose your favorite chromotherapy cycle and select amongst 7 different intensities for your whirlpool massage that includes hydromassage, hydrotherapy, and chromotherapy .

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