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Classic Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

small bathrooms decorating ideas , Whether your home is small and so the bathrooms are small, or if its just simply one of the extra baths or half bathroom in the house that are on the small size, almost every homeowner needs to deal with the task of decorating a small bathroom. But in addition to simply decorating the room, you often need to integrate some additional storage for bathroom linens or to accommodate the needs of guests using the room.

Storage Needs in a Small Bathroom

One of the extra challenges of a small bathroom is finding the storage space in these small quarters. Often in order to open up the room, there is not even storage under the vanity, instead the builder opted for a simple pedestal sink with no place to store anything.

Two solutions present themselves for storage. One is to use a simple tower storage closet for linens. These tall narrow storage racks can be found as simple open racks, or they are offered as beautiful wooden cabinets, becoming a featured part of the room decor. There are also corner versions of these tall cabinets, which occupy very little of the floor space as well. Read more »