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Style Bathrooms

For those people who like to go on picnics or go to the lake, bathrooms ar not always readily available or sanitary. Many outhouses and bathrooms ar somewhat less than healthful and some can be downright filthy. What can you do when nature calls? When nature calls, you have little choice but to hold your breath and deal with the situation. What are the alternatives?

Private Bathrooms Available
If you do a search for portable bathrooms, you will find that camping stores now offer private, personal, and portable bathrooms you can take on with you. They are extremely portable and small enough to take with you wherever you may go. Read more »

Western-Style Bathrooms

Country style bathrooms have a sense of history. They can also be whimsical or even graceful depending on how you choose to decorate them. Here ar a few tips for decorating a country bathroom. You’ll want to use your money wisely so you don’t overspend on theme items or create a cluttered space.

Choose a theme. There are a lot of different themes in country styles. You want to be able to stick to your budget while still making it seem elegant. You could even be elysian by a traditional country quilt. You could make a patchwork effect with tile. Be aware that plain ceramic tiles ar a lot cheaper than most patterned or stone tiles. However, if you use a lot of bright colours it power not appeal to everyone else who mightiness want to buy your home some day.

Make craft projects. These ar a staple of country design and give the room personality. This doesn’t mean that they have to be kitschy. Instead, try collecting vintage door knobs. You can use them as cosmetic elements in a vase for a sense of history. You could also turn them into hangers for your robe. Read more »