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Go Take a Shower,then you can success

Anytime I’m struggling with a choice I need to make or an opportunity I’m hoping will move from an idea to a vision, my brilliant coach, Jille Bartolome, tells me to get in the shower (or jump on my trampoline). And no, it’s not because she can smell me cross-country or thinks I could use more cardio, but rather because it will get me out of my head and back into a trusting place. So often we know our right answers and believe that that call we are waiting for will happen. We just need to exhibit some patience, and more importantly, we need to align our thoughts and our feelings with our actions. It’s one thing to say to yourself, I will get this job or I will start this new business or new stream of revenue. It’s an entirely different thing to actually stop second-guessing our deep knowing, live our best life starting today, and wake up feeling jazzed and sustain our enthusiasm throughout the natural hiccups in a day. Read more »

Taking a Shower: Morning,Before Bed,or Twice a Day?

I used to think that if you shower before bedtime, you go to bed clean and wake up clean.

However, others are saying that there’s no point, as you essentially sweat while in the deepest part of your sleep when your heart rate races during some stages of REM. So basically you wake up slightly dirty anyway.

But then if you go to bed somewhat dirty planning to just shower in the morning, that might dirty the bed itself faster.

But if you shower before bed, then you wake up slightly dirty and go into the day not exactly the freshest.

Then you have some people say showering twice a day is overkill…!

So what’s the best routine in this case? Morning showering, bedtime showering, or twice a day showering?!