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Elegant Washbasin

Finding the right washbasin for your bathroom is an important task, you have to choose the right style, the right dimension and, more important, you have to create a nice bathroom ambiance. Keeping this in mind, our choice is an elegant sink that can become part of your space.

The Lab02 is part of the Lab Collection, a series of free-standing and back-to-wall washbasins characterized by a hybrid shaping. This piece is a veritable architectural design for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom atmosphere. It presents geometric and organic shapes that combine in harmony to form a well-defined line. A contemporary shaping interprets the complex eclectic and international character of modernity.

Designed by ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati, the Lab02 is available in free-standing, wall-hung or back-to-wall variations for single or twin installation. Moreover it offers a very ample functional versatility. Awarded with the Design Plus in 2009, this sleek sink has geometric forms and silky materials that impart Read more »

Beautiful Wavy Washbasin Design

Here’s a creation that is really making waves in contemporary design. The white wavy washbasins look amazing. The interaction between the sparkling water and the wavy interior is unique and the creative idea behind this is very original. Elegant but not too fancy, they are fit for almost any kind of decor. Read more »

Clear Glass Washbasin

Gondola, clear glass washbasin allows design to run free with imagination. The lack of solid visual boundaries is a great asset of a clear glass washbasin, and this allows for highly innovative approach. The underneath of gondola vessel is an open display area which let you create your own style with small objects of your choice. If you are a nature lover, you can try put sea shells and pebbles, viewing them while washing your hands.

Abisko Washbasin

The Abisko Washbasin is the result of a collaboration between Eumar Santhenica and Swedish Designer Johan Kauppi together with architect Lars Sundstorm. This design is a unique and totally new concept with an environmentally-conscious mentality without losing modern appeal. I’m pretty sure that you haven’t saw something like this before. The idea of Abisko was born in a project in Kiruna, at the very north of Sweden, while working with a design an architecture project. Johan and Larrs wanted to catch the freedom of mountain springs in the area and bring it into architecture. The idea was to not use tubes and not having any extra parts at all more than needed. The design should allow free and creative usage compared to traditional basins.

Choosing Accessories for your Bathroom

Choosing add-ons for the Bathroom: Classy and stylish fixtures and bath add-ons can turn your bathing room right into a individual retreat even although adding a resourceful and pleasurable touch for the bathing room and may possibly enhance your comfort level even although in the bath too. It is vital how the bathing room normally remains to be neat and obvious and is also germ-free. Master bathrooms in current homes produced on bigger scale undoubtedly are a well-liked have a tendency these times plus they may possibly be as huge and luxurious since the bedrooms even although in the home so be optimistic you really spend specific thing to consider in the direction of essential bathing room add-ons that define the start looking from the bathing room along the lines of bathing room mirrors, towel holders, shower curtains, holders to preserve tissue, shampoo and holders, toothbrushes and paste; cleanup soap dishes and lotion dispensers. Read more »

How to pick an elegant wash basin

Clean basin is a great starting point when you’re attempting to turn your bathrooms into something elegant. Most lavatories include a sink/cabinet unit where the sink and  bathware counter top take presctiption a lesser cabinet. For additional elegance, however, you have to eliminate this design. Rather, replace whether double sink system having a lengthy counter top and quality wooden cabinets, or else, you are able to choose to your investment sink/cabinet combo system and choose a free-standing sink which simply has got the basin on the stand. This look can vary wildly from ultra modern to French country, based on style of the sink and also the stand.