The Selection Of Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Sinks & Lavs As the number and type of bathrooms in the average home have expanded, so has the selection of bathroom sinks, which now range from tiny wall-hung versions for the smallest of powder rooms to elaborate dual-basin models for luxurious master baths.

Materials used for manufacturing bathoom sinks include enameled cast iron—or vitreous china for traditional baths—plus metal, glass, crystal, stone, and solid-surface resins for a contemporary style. When making a choice, it’s important to save the most delicate sink materials–glass and crystal for example– for little-used bathrooms, such as powder rooms and guest baths where making a design statement is more important than durability.

Deck-mounted models, which can be set into or on top of a vanity or a freestanding frame, allow for storage, whereas most pedestal and wall-mounted sink styles require storage to be handled by separate cabinetry. Integral bowl sinks, like their kitchen counterparts, form part of a countertop and come in many prices, colors, and materials, including fiberglass, solid surface, vitreous china, concrete, and cast polymer.

Console sinks, which offer an expanded deck space for sundries, sit on furniture-style legs to create a stylish, spacious look. Some bathroom sinks come with predrilled faucet holes. For more about bathroom sinks, explore the article links below.

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